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January 13, 2009
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NewStyle by somnign NewStyle by somnign
NewStyle visual style for windows xp
the icons in this shot are from the retrofukation suite [link]
i've used them for some time and they never get old. thanks! =D

styler: [link]
shutoff: [link]

this skin has no power options on the start panel as you can see. an attempt to derive a level of aesthetic pleasure.. xD please download shutoff [link] and the skin for it.
alternatively you can use task manager to shutdown.
(right click the taskbar, point to 'task manager';)

this is open source so feel free to mod and release at your discretion. a reference or shout out would be nice (=
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hey! great style :) but tell me something about your dock below (?) is it rocket dock? if yes, wich icons do you used? :)
well its y'z dock actually, and the background + icons are just something i threw together to match. what you see there is all i have.
brilliant! This reminds me of a quiet and peaceful foggy morning in a country side. The color and style are perfect. I personally like this more than Ivi.

I really like the subtle shading in the titlebar and the startmenu (personally not seen that before). No logoff button is a plus.

To increase spacious feeling, I would mod to use fadebar for transparent taskbar + opaque taskbar buttons. And I would use the same purple color as the background for that little light in shutoff hover buttons. Now that is what I will use daily.
thanks a lot, i put a lot of work into it.
and this time i used it for a couple weeks to test bugs myself. having comments littered with complaints isn't cool xD

honestly haven't used fadebar yet. i prefer a regular taskbar with no transparency, but i will give it a try and see what i come up with =)
oh, it was just a personal preference/taste and I said so. I think the style is outstanding. Didn't mean a complaint or request :) I am also a programmer so I love feedback and I update my work. Maybe not a popular way for art work :D
no, i understand, thanks for the comment/advice
i figure the more i know the better, and a lot of people would probably like if i added a fadebar so why not? =D
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